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Pier Review on the radio

We were lucky enough to get the chance to talk to the great Andrew Collins and Josie Long on 6 Music, even if the feature is called ‘geek of the week’. This is what we sounded like: Pier Review On

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Where the brass bands play, tiddly om pom-pom

One of the the main points of difference between the three of us was and is going to be music. To prevent us killing each other, we have decided on a veto system, where if someone doesn’t like a song

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Celluloid heroes

A city boy is much more likely to see the sea at 24 frames a second than in real life. Here’s some of the misshapen memories that will affect our journey: That’ll be the Day The Punch and Judy Man

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Pier and loathing

I’ve not been researching the actual destinations of our pier trip, that’s something I can do when I get back—retro-fitting the history to whatever theories float across my transom. What I have been doing though is getting into the mindset

Wish us luck as we wave you goodbye

You’re all enablers, you know that right? Two starry eyed artists, and infamous dipsomaniacs Shanghai an impressionable punk into doing something that makes no real sense, and not only do you not phone the relevant authorities but actually give us

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The Budget

The Pier Review team believe in complete transparency, well maybe not complete transparency, but as you may have chipped in a few quid you think you should be able to see where the money is going. It’s a humbling thing

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The plan: 56 piers in two weeks…

Well, in the roughest possible terms.  We’re starting from Birmingham and going to Weston (which everyone from Brum must do by law). Then it’s anti-clockwise round England and Wales to Penarth—then home.  That’s 56 piers in total, in two weeks.

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Some of the build up

Dan’s written a huge tract about Pier Review, and why everything is best explained through a prism of 80’s television: “The best example of The four classical elements relating to group dynamics is The A-Team.” Midge has made a start

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Ways to help that won’t cost you a bean

We know and understand that people will want to help but don’t have the money at the moment, that’s cool. Thatcher’s shadow is cast across the land and pockets are empty, but you can still help.First we need to reach

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