Ways to help that won’t cost you a bean

We know and understand that people will want to help but don’t have the money at the moment, that’s cool. Thatcher’s shadow is cast across the land and pockets are empty, but you can still help.First we need to reach as wide a audience as we can, follow @pierreview retweet and @ mention people you think will be interested. Like us on Facebook if you wish, me and Jon are uncomfortable on there and need all the support we can get to be honest.You could always write a blog post, tell us about your relationship with piers, what do they mean to you, do you have any strong memories of a day trip or drunken night. Tell us and perhaps you’ll be included in the book, it’s all research right? Don’t forget to include a link or the snazzy widget you can snaffle the code from the  crowdfunder page.There are also a number of practical things that you could donate, should you have lying about:

1. Food, we’ll probably need to eat at some point so any care packages of noodles, Monster Munch or somesuch.

2. Booze, got a bottle left over from a party? A crate of something wierd you’ll never be desperate enough to get through? we’ll take it from your hands.

3. Any mechanics that would be kind enough to donate a car servicing would be a massive help, the car will be doing over 2000 miles so someone should check the airoil and kick the suspension (I am clueless with cars).

4. Wifi dongles, with our social meeeja contacts there should be someone willing to donate some wiffy for a project such as this.

4. If you live on route and donate a garden to pitch our tents on or a sofa for our driver to curl up on that would be great too.

5. errm other stuff, if it occurs to you, it might not to have occurred to us. Our hubris outweighs any capacity for planning at this point.

Of course if you represent any company thinking of sponsoring us, we don’t mind wearing T-shirts, branding the car, or sticking adds on the various web-sites that’ll be following our journey. No guarantee your product will make it into the book beyond the ‘thank you’ page though.

Thank you for ANY support shown thus far


1 Comment on “Ways to help that won’t cost you a bean

  1. You are very welcome to a cosy sofa-bed for a night or more and whilst you’re here, we can rummage through our drinks cabinet! Drop me an email…