Author: Danny Smith

Buy Pier Review as a present for Xmas and get a bunch of free gifts for yourself…

Christmas by the coast is surprisingly good for the soul. Seasonal decorations fill the gaps left by the off season and the constant presence of a crashing sea reminding you of a pernicious uncaring god makes you hug a little

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The young boy and the Pier Master

Danny swears this happened on Bosbome Pier…   “Do you have them?” The young dusky-skinned boy shifted uneasily in his tweed suit, such a heavy material he thought, even though he found England cold especially with the summer sun dipping

Reading festival

We’ve said before that writing a book is hard, but as we’ve discovered letting people read it is in harder. That’s not to mention letting people read it and then actively court their opinion how to make it better. THAT

What the butler didn’t see…

A bit that didn’t make the cut…Danny spends a penny on Swanage pier and drifts away (cert 15).   Hastily, I paid my penny and watched a blur of images until I saw boobs. And after just three days in

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Today’s Bret Anderson Forecast Says A Strong Chance Of Antiseptic Skies Later.

This has starting to affect me a little bit, can’t shake the bad mood that hit at Gravesend Pier. Herne Bay pier was closed, I really wanted to see the gorgeous 70’s municipal leisure centre. When the lady in the pier committee office showed posit…

Heart Shaped Stone – found next to Boscome Pier

Sent from the future

Whistling songs and kissing balloons by the seaside

I awoke with a start and a sort of horrible scream squeal because Jon had fell over me. That’ll teach the fucker for bagsying the only bed in the converted mansion apartments we stayed at last night.The isle of wight is full of impossibly winding …

Heart of Gold

Being followed down the motorway by a massive Harvest Moon sitting low in the darkening sky.Of course we’re listening too Neil Young.Four piers and were off to sleep in a bus in a compound in Somerset, it belongs to a friend of Midge’s but as I do…

Thunder only happens…

Two down, fifty odd to go.After some pissing around this morning. Mostly because a hungover and clueless Jon having to pack. We made it to weston-super-mare. ‘Will I need a towel?’ shouts Jon from upstairs.’Of course you will’ I shout back.’I don’…

Where the brass bands play, tiddly om pom-pom

One of the the main points of difference between the three of us was and is going to be music. To prevent us killing each other, we have decided on a veto system, where if someone doesn’t like a song

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