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Lovely bit on the book in today’s Guardian G2, by Chris Beanland. Online here. And a new pier-realted film to check out in the comments.

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We’ve said before that writing a book is hard, but as we’ve discovered letting people read it is in harder. That’s not to mention letting people read it and then actively court their opinion how to make it better. THAT …

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Loads of piers in the news, following this FT article at the weekend. So Jon was interviewed on Radio 5 Live about our experience:  

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Jon chatted with Adrian Goldberg on BBC WM this morning, here’s what you missed (if you missed it):

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I said we’d have it done before the end of the weekend and we have. Starting at the crack of about half eleven we snuggled in our writing den until two separate 50,000 word plus accounts were hacked into one …

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Writing a book is easy, and also hard. It turns out that the easy bits are also difficult when it comes down to it. The easiest bit is the idea, but it doesn’t stop there: you have to finish what …

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Hello adoring public (we sent this to our email list—subscribe for yerself over on the side…), It’s been a year and a bit since we got back from the maddest, most pointless, road trip ever bumbled along. I know you …

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After eight days of sleeping in tents and on floors we reached Saltburn. It was a fresh morning and we were not feeling our best (probably). All the better to be perked up by being interviewed about our quest for …

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We’re a good few thousand words into what will become Pier Review: the book, but to keep you interested (and to hopefully make sure that you sign up to our email or Twitter or something) here’s a quick look at …

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So we haven’t posted here much, all the content while we’re on tour is going on the paid for blog and Twitter (as that’s much easier than here). As an update we’ve only two more piers to go… But we …

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