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It’s been a year and a bit since we got back from the maddest, most pointless, road trip ever bumbled along. I know you all have pretty much given up hope on ever seeing a book from our efforts. But this is a positive missive: Danny has finished his half of the book and is whisker close to finishing, and Jon, well Jon is getting through it. The good news is that Jon’s stuff usually needs much less editing than Danny’s. So when he’s finished they can spend a drunken weekend on Jon’s boat arguing and lashing it together and they’ll have a manuscript to tote around to agents and publishers. Initial rumblings from ‘the trade’ are good, honest, but they need something to read.

Why has it taken so long?
Writing a book is hard, there are lots of words. It’s the biggest project either Danny and Jon have ever attempted and the learning curve is steep. Also the thing is, life gets in the way. Jon has since changed careers and moved cities, and Danny moved to the coast and back changing jobs and minds countless times. They both have been using their spare time to get the book written and Danny’s half alone breaks the 50,000 word mark.

Why are you looking for a publisher? Why not self publish?
Jon and Danny love the idea of all sorts of new tech, fringe culture and self publishing. They are currently engaged in poking it to see what they can do with it. But they both recognise the industry is changing, this will be the last time a project of theres will get published using the old model. And plus, we think this is a fairly mainstream idea that could do with some proper mainstreaming.

Of course we know we have a core audience (you lovely people) and feel very grateful that the future allows us to get the book out to you. But we want to at least try with the old school first.

What should we do in the meantime?
Jon has a collection of his writing out for sale and Danny has copied him, you could always go get them. Also look for the ebook prequel to Pier Review (free to you, here) or check out their respective blogs (jonbounds.co.uk and edgetrinkets.com ) and keep an eye out for Area magazine which frequently contains articles from them both.

Oh, and did you know a draft first chapter was available to read and share (here tis)?

Peace and sticky rock

The PR PR team

Writer, honest. Currently working on Pier Review "a journey to the outcrops of a dying culture". Used to do Birmingham: It's Not Shit, Dirty Bristow, 11-11-11, Twitpanto et al.

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