Reading festival

We’ve said before that writing a book is hard, but as we’ve discovered letting people read it is in harder. That’s not to mention letting people read it and then actively court their opinion how to make it better. THAT is hard, every hesitation, “it’s great, but…” and “weeeeeell”, try as we do, is still a vicious pinch in the ego.

You only let people read something when you think it’s finished. Intellectually you know it’s going to need some work, but in your heart its done, over. That’s how you’d ever let anyone read anything anyway. But its not. And thats the point where we’re at now. We sent the manuscript to six or seven people we trust, while trying to hit as many of our target demographics as possible. We’re now currently waiting for the last of the feedback so we can assimilate that information for the final changes. The feedback we’ve received so far has been fantastic, some praise that we’ve obviously completely ignored, and some criticism that, if we’re honest, kinda knew anyway.

The final changes shouldn’t take more than a few weeks, then we’ll have everything in place to send to the literary agents. After that it’s their job to sell it to publishers.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped get us this far, including our partners who to describe as ‘long suffering’ wouldn’t do justice to the amount of weird shit they have to put up with.

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