Today’s Bret Anderson Forecast Says A Strong Chance Of Antiseptic Skies Later.


This has starting to affect me a little bit, can't shake the bad mood that hit at Gravesend Pier. Herne Bay pier was closed, I really wanted to see the gorgeous 70's municipal leisure centre. When the lady in the pier committee office showed positive glee in its destruction, to be replaced with a flat area to be used for twee bloody craft fairs and and other such vagueness, I almost punched her in her red face. I promised to destroy her in print instead, so stood in there noting down every aspect about her from her red pointy nose, to the milky coffee in a winnie the pooh mug.

I know this is an unreasonable reaction to have. Think I'm just going to curl up in my back seat nest and sleep for a bit.

Photo is of the pier tally we started this morning because we keep losing track.


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