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Dad rock: The ballad of Holiday Dad

Holiday Dad is normal Dad, but with the faders all set differently. Freed from the routine of work he can indulge his passions: reading the paper, finding the cheapest bar, moving his bowels. Or maybe your dad really loved putting

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Help wanted

We never needed to put this in the newsagents window, but I thought you might like to see the advert we wrote for a driver. You can see how very unplanned we were.

Pirates of Clacton – a Pier Review Xmas Story

By Jon Bounds Danny woke me from a half-forced slumber; “It’s sodding Christmas.” The snow weighing down the canvas made the inside of the tent darker. A timid belt of light across the apex was all that revealed it was

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The young boy and the Pier Master

Danny swears this happened on Bosbome Pier…   “Do you have them?” The young dusky-skinned boy shifted uneasily in his tweed suit, such a heavy material he thought, even though he found England cold especially with the summer sun dipping

What the butler didn’t see…

A bit that didn’t make the cut…Danny spends a penny on Swanage pier and drifts away (cert 15).   Hastily, I paid my penny and watched a blur of images until I saw boobs. And after just three days in

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