Hello Everybody


Is exactly how my Granddad taught me to always start any public
utterance, although he insisted that the grey PM of the nineties was
called “John Mayors” and wouldn’t be told otherwise. He also drove a
brown Austin Allegro with a vinyl roof which I with very much wish we
had to make this journey in.

So, secret people, this is the secret blog: I guess it’ll be quite
quiet until we head off.

Jon was voted the ‘14th Most Influential Person in the West Midlands’ in 2008. Subsequently he has not been placed. He’s been a football referee, venetian blind maker, cellar man, and a losing Labour council candidate: “No, no chance. A complete no-hoper” said a spoilt ballot. Jon wrote and directed the first ever piece of drama performed on Twitter when he persuaded a cast including MPs and journalists to give over their timelines to perform Twitpanto. But all that is behind him.