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Britishness: a disclaimer

Do you know how the Isle of Man voted in the EU referendum? Do you know how the people of the – unfairly stereotyped as — backward island in the Irish sea felt? You may guess, but do you actually

Dad rock: The ballad of Holiday Dad

Holiday Dad is normal Dad, but with the faders all set differently. Freed from the routine of work he can indulge his passions: reading the paper, finding the cheapest bar, moving his bowels. Or maybe your dad really loved putting

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Wish you were here

We survived the nerves to launch the book, as you can see from the picture. We really had a lovely time and hope everyone who came enjoyed it — and those that took a book away with them, we hope

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TV shows and cover versions

Danny was on BBC Two this morning, in a piece for the Victoria Derbyshire programme all about — well — piers. He made the interviewer chuckle and even seemed surprisingly knowledgeable. You can watch the short film here. In other

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