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On route to Southend, a spin on the M25. Wouldn’t be an English Journey without it.

Today’s Bret Anderson Forecast Says A Strong Chance Of Antiseptic Skies Later.

This has starting to affect me a little bit, can’t shake the bad mood that hit at Gravesend Pier. Herne Bay pier was closed, I really wanted to see the gorgeous 70’s municipal leisure centre. When the lady in the pier committee office showed posit…

Two tents

Second night of the tour on which we have to camp out. We’ve one pretty big tent for all of us, it’s still cosy inside. Last night I kipped on a mate’s settee, but don’t really feel refreshed. As I left half of my clothes on the Isle of Wight I’m …

Down the docks, doing favours for sailors

Navigating to Southampton pier on our wits and Diet Cherry Coke, we follow signs for the docks and eventually pull up outside. It’s now no more than a thai restaurant, I don’t even bother to get out of the car. We contemplate tearing up our copy o…

Class issues

What makes a seaside take one path or the other? While Bournemouth had embraced the tat: bungee jumping (not from the pier, unfortunately) and market stalls selling tacky bangles (yes, Danny added to his wrist bindings), Boscombe, not five miles a…

Heart Shaped Stone – found next to Boscome Pier

Sent from the future

Whistling songs and kissing balloons by the seaside

I awoke with a start and a sort of horrible scream squeal because Jon had fell over me. That’ll teach the fucker for bagsying the only bed in the converted mansion apartments we stayed at last night.The isle of wight is full of impossibly winding …

What the butler saw

Featuring a young Keith Richards

Know your history

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, Swanage Pier knows its history but than seems to doom it to show pictures of Ronnie Corbett to its visitors.

Pig in a poke

I’ve just explained to Dan what the phrase ‘pig in a poke’ means. Midge struggling to extract himself from the tent was like that somehow.