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One thing we didn’t really factor in to the planning of the trip is that the seaside is a bit like the countryside. Pretty, hilly, cold and with poor 3G coverage—which is why updates at the moment are a bit sporadic. I spent nearly as long trying to check into Clevedon pier on Foursquare as I did looking at it, which is still infinately more time than i spent on it as it shut a dispiriting fourty minutes before we arrived.

Another thing we’ve discovered is the absolute paucity of our planning—we took a list of piers and are ridgidly sticking to it despite every person we talk to mentioning a flaw in its pier conprehensiveness. But the list prevails. 

Am I right, dear readers, in thinking that Dad’s Army might have been set in a fictional version of Burnham On Sea—or is (like me convincing M + D that Paul Daniels owns Wookey Hole) that just the product of my fetid imaginings?

Jon was voted the ‘14th Most Influential Person in the West Midlands’ in 2008. Subsequently he has not been placed. He’s been a football referee, venetian blind maker, cellar man, and a losing Labour council candidate: “No, no chance. A complete no-hoper” said a spoilt ballot. Jon wrote and directed the first ever piece of drama performed on Twitter when he persuaded a cast including MPs and journalists to give over their timelines to perform Twitpanto. But all that is behind him.

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  1. Have never heard the Burnham On Sea suggestion – most suggest somewhere around Bexhill On Sea, however given that most of it was filmed in Norfolk, (including one of the piers at Great Yarmouth) it’s a bit of a red herring.DW x

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