The plan: 56 piers in two weeks…

Well, in the roughest possible terms.  We’re starting from Birmingham and going to Weston (which everyone from Brum must do by law). Then it’s anti-clockwise round England and Wales to Penarth—then home.  That’s 56 piers in total, in two weeks. Kick off is planned for the 12th of Sept.

We’d love to hear your stories or meet you for a pint (you’re buying) if you’re in the area on the right day. You can see our schedule and add notes for us in this Google spreadsheet (just click and add stuff!):


Writer, honest. Currently working on Pier Review "a journey to the outcrops of a dying culture". Used to do Birmingham: It's Not Shit, Dirty Bristow, 11-11-11, Twitpanto et al.

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  1. […] As you may know, my chums Jon Bounds and Danny Smith are embarking on a two week tour of the nation’s 56 working holiday piers. They just arrived in Weston, the first pier on their list. […]

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